Gender Data gap
The use of artificial intelligence, computer learning and apps are becoming normal in the design, construction, operation and maintenance phases of our infrastructure.  For this reason, it is increasingly important that we make sure our technologies are inclusive and relevant for all its users.    

The transportation infrastructure domain is today still predominantly 'male' and 'masculine' which reflects in an unbalanced workforce and may result in organizational structures and technological solutions that are optimized towards the male perspective.  

With the increase of digitization a general increase in data dependency occurs which may further aggravate the risk that the transportation infrastructure field is optimized for only half the population.

Campus2030 is actively integrating an awareness of the  gender data gap within its digitization activities, which will  contribute to a diminished risk of data-bias.


Campus 2030 will make the platform accessible for research and detailed analyses on how male and female users experience the digital tools and augmented realities differently.

gender sensitive communication

Gender aspects will be taken account in all of Campus2030   communications, activities and events.


Maria Paavola

Maria Paavola

Women in AI

Vinutha Magal Shreenath

Vinutha Magal Shreenath